It’s sailing, but with a purpose!.. To discover hidden bays, swim in turquoise water, snorkel around the underwater cliffs, explore the beautiful towns. We will sail as much as you like, but we won’t forget other ways of having fun either 🙂 All day tour is also available on a luxurious, brand new Hanse 418.


Windy Sunrise sessions

Perfect for the early birds who really want to seize the day. Early morning is typically really windy, and to experience the tramontana wind at this time of the day is truly magical. If you’re thinking that we are out of our mind for even suggesting waking up at 5, don’t take our word for it, come and see – on good days, there are over 100 windsurfers blasting around the bay, and many sailing dinghies. This early morning wind transformed countless boys and girls like us into the sailors we are today.

Sailing Brunch sessions

Perfect for kids and families and sailing beginners. In this period you can typically enjoy only a light breeze, there are no waves, and the sun is not that strong yet. It’s a really nice setting to take a swim in one of many bays on the Opatija Riviera and enjoy the view of the coast from the sea. Learn about the Kvarner bay and see how the story unfolds in front of you.

Sunny midday sessions

Similar to sailing brunch sessions, usually slightly warmer and windier. They are perfect for more chill-oriented sessions, including more swimming, jumping, and having fun. The typical wind at this time of the day is Maestral which gets stronger the more south you go.  This means that if you want to sail you can almost choose the wind strength – light in Volosko and Opatija, stronger in front of Mošćenička draga.

Sunset Cruise

Definitely our the most romantic session, so if you plan on surprising your better half, this is the way to do it. Say goodbye to the sun as it sets behind the Učka mountain. Behold thousands of city lights slowly starting to emerge. Stimulate your senses and jump into the quite dark sea then open a bottle of wine or take a bite of something sweet. This cruise has a special price for a private session ;).

Night sail

Our most adventurous session. Experience the thrill of the night, while sailing in the middle of the sea. The wind that is usually present in the morning actually starts after the sunset, so expect a windy session packed with adrenaline. Even better, combine this with your night out with friends. The warming up can start on the boat, and we can drop you off in front of clubs in Opatija or Rijeka, way better than public transport!

LONG TOURS  (6-9h)

Half day sessions (6h)

6 hours is plenty of time to experience all the good stuff you can get on a sailing cruise and that means more sailing, more swimming and snorkeling and more relaxing! It’s plenty of time to get to some beautiful beaches on the istrian side of the Kvarner bay and combine them with some sightseeing in Mošćenička Draga or Lovran. The first half of the day is usually windier, with  tramontana wind and an adrenaline packed sunrise, while the second half of the day tour stretches long enough to see the sunset and it can be a really romantic one.

All day session (9h)

The all day session is even more fun than the half day session! 9 hours of sailing, swimming and having fun! Visit the nearby islands, explore the towns on the coast you have not yet seen. It will completely break your daily routine and show you a new way of living and enjoying life. All day sessions are perfect to see a little bit of the islands Krk & Cres. On Cres we can swim in really nice bays or visit small fishing village “Beli”. There are options to eat outside, jump from the cliffs or even zip-line. On Krk we can see some really nice turquoise waters and visit town “Malinska”. 

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