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Embark on a sailing journey like no other. OpaSailing offers unforgettable experiences for everyone. Whether you’re seeking an exciting family adventure, a romantic getaway,  a day of fun with friends or a sailing school we’ ve got you covered. With the turquoise waters as your playground, explore hidden bays, snorkel around underwater cliffs, and discover the beauty of coastal towns.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us on a sailing adventure with OpaSailing!

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Sailing is truly an activity that everyone likes. Kids love it, couples love it, adults often fall in love with it.

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100% SAFE

We have all the necessary safety equipment on board, but regardless of that, you will always feel safe and comfortable  with us.

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Our skippers have more than 15 years of commercial sailing and yachting experience.


It’s sailing, but with a purpose!.. To discover hidden bays, swim in turquoise water, snorkel around the underwater cliffs, explore the beautiful towns. We will sail as much as you like, but we won’t forget other ways of having fun either 🙂

Short sessions

If you’re not sure how you’re going to handle the sea and the boat, or you have limited time at your disposal, then the short session is perfect for you. 3 hours is just enough time to enjoy and experience everything the sailing lifestyle offers. 

Half day sessions

6 hours is plenty of time to experience all the good stuff you can get on a sailing cruise and that means more sailing, more swimming and snorkeling and more relaxing! It’s plenty of time to get to some beautiful and more distant beaches.

All day sessions

The all day session is even more fun than the half day session! 9 hours of sailing, swimming and having fun! Visit the nearby islands, explore the towns on the coast you have not yet seen. It will completely break your daily routine in a marvelous way.


Learn to sail fast and easy. Our experienced skippers will follow the curriculum we made and tailor it to your needs. We offer our sailing school in 3 different programs, covering absolute beginners but also people who would like to participate in regattas.

Beginners course

(12 hours total – 4 times at sea)

During this course, participants will have up to 4 sessions on the water and learn the fundamentals of sailing as a sport & lifestyle. You will learn parts and areas of the boat and the sails, steering and operating them…

Advanced course

(12 hours total – 4 times at sea)

In the Advanced course, there are up to 6 sessions on the water, participants will upgrade their knowledge gained in the basic course and will improve their boat handling skills. This course is designed for people who want to buy their own boat or sail as a valuable member of the crew at any post. 

Regatta course

(16+ hours total – 4 times at sea)

In this course, from our 4 times at sea, we will try to participate at least twice on regatta days, competing with other sailors and other boats. We will prepare first, which includes simulating a regatta – sailing around buoys, practicing sharp and fast turns, synchronizing with your crewmates, and the sailing tactics.


Every organization and company CEO understands that teamwork efficiency is one of the biggest challenges in the corporate world.  Sailing is the perfect activity for team building, it offers a challenging natural environment in which cooperation and team spirit of the crew are essential for success.

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