Learn to sail fast and easy. Our experienced skippers will follow the curriculum we made based on our longterm experience. We offer our sailing school in 3 different programs, covering absolute beginners but also people who would like to participate in regattas.

Beginners course

(12 hours total – 4 times at sea)

During this course, participants will have up to 4 sessions on the water and learn the fundamentals of sailing as a sport & lifestyle. You will learn parts and areas of the boat and the sails, steering and operating them. Each participant will try all the crew roles (skipper, trimmer, bowman, navigator), and learn how to sail in all the points of sail. We will also cover some sailing theory like the physics of sailing, avoiding collisions at sea, basic sailing rules etc. This is a perfect introduction to a sport and a first step of becoming a crew member.

Advanced course

In the Advanced course, there are up to 4 sessions on the water, participants will upgrade their knowledge gained in the basic course and will improve their boat handling skills. This course is designed for people who want to buy their own boat or sail as a valuable member of the crew at any post. You will learn more about seamanship like anchoring, meteorology, and chart navigation. We also train man-overboard procedures and sail more to improve our sailing skills. This includes reefing, advanced gybing techniques, and sailing in stronger winds. After this course, every participant should be able to manage the boat on their own.

Regatta course

In this course, from our 4 times at sea, we will try to participate at least twice on regatta days, competing with other sailors and other boats. We will prepare first, which includes simulating a regatta – sailing around buoys, practicing sharp and fast turns, synchronizing with your crewmates, and the sailing tactics. We will also cover advanced sailing rules before taking part in a regatta. You will observe and learn how to correctly engage in a regatta, from filling the application correctly to the mandatory after-race food and beer. It’s a perfect environment to test your skills against others and bring some excitement to your day.

What our guests say about us

We never imagined sailing is so chill and fun. My family chose the 3-hour-tour,  we sailed for maybe half an hour, before anchoring in a really nice bay. The kids had had such a good time there that the skipper extended our stay on the boat for almost an hour and without any extra charge. On the way back we sailed a little more. So nice, so relaxing. We will come again.

Hana from Croatia

I was looking for a fun activity for our week in Opatija and we paid for the beginners school program. The first two times we sailed during a light breeze in front of Opatija, and the third and fourth time we sailed with the Tramontana wind in the morning. I didn’t expect the morning sail to be a total adrenaline shot! What a way to start the day! Windsurfers blasting around you, sun slowly rising… excellent! Oh, and the skipper we had is our new friend now!

Pietro from Italy

My family was stationed in the city center of Opatija for a week and our main goal was to – not go anywhere by car. So we called the guys from OpaSailing for a whole day tour and what a day it was! We visited Mošćenička draga with the boat, then sailed to the island of Cres and its little town Beli and then returned home late in the evening. We slept like babies that night, super tired with a smile on our faces.

Jan from Germany

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