Every organization and company CEO understands that teamwork efficiency is one of the biggest challenges in the corporate world.  Sailing is the perfect activity for team building, it offers a challenging natural environment in which cooperation and team spirit of the crew are essential for success.

If sailing is new to you and your team, it is a perfect scenario to test your team’s ability to handle new situations, resolve issues together and deepen their knowledge of each other. It’s an ideal way to see if an individual will adapt to your company’s culture, or to test if an employee is ready to assume a leadership position by putting him or her at the helm as responsible for the whole boat and people aboard.

Team building can be organized as sailing or cruising events, they can be a short after-work session or an all-day, all-weekend, or even 7 days (all-week) sailing, cruising or regatta experience. We can take care of all the subsequent activities and all the things you and your team need to come and sail with us. It includes accommodation, food preparation, party arrangements, and so on.

We know that sometimes getting everyone available during their free time can be tricky so we offer turnkey solutions tailored to your needs, making it easy and streamlined. We will list some real-world scenarios for you to consider or to get inspiration.



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